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Public auctions are held by Surplus Property every three(3) to four(4) weeks (usually on Wednesdays), and start promptly at 10:00am. Auctions are held at the Surplus Property Warehouse, 1507 Capen Park Road, Columbia, Missouri 65211, where the public may bid on items. Auction flyers are emailed out the Friday prior to the public auction. If you would like to be included on the email list, please contact Frances Fisher.

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If you have purchased an item on GovDeals you must email to schedule a pickup date.



-(send all forms to


What is Surplus Property

Surplus Property is a part of the Procurement Services Department that is responsible for the disposal, re-distribution, and/or sale of used equipment/property that the University of Missouri no longer uses. The sale of this equipment is handled through public auctions, sales, or online. A Disposal Request through our software should be completed and approved before items can be picked up. Surplus Property receives no General Operating (G.O.) funds. All salaries, benefits, operational, marketing and sales costs are paid by the 35% retained from the sale of surplus equipment.



Where is Surplus Property

All Surplus from the University of Missouri Kansas City Campus is transported to the University of Missouri Surplus in Columbia Missouri, which is located at 1507 Capen Park Road, Columbia Missouri 65211.


Who Can Purchase From Surplus

All University of Missouri property and equipment at Surplus is available to other University of Missouri departments at reasonable prices (see pricing guide). Departments wishing to purchase items from Surplus Property should